Day two at Whisky School

Each day at Springbank is a new adventure for us, we get to learn something new about distillery operations every time we report for duty.  On the docket today was steeping the barley, transferring whisky to the casks, warehousing the newly filled casks, turning the malted barley into a mash, and observing the finer points of being in the still house.

Today was the first full day to wear my work boots.  Normally I only need to wear them a few hours at a time for work, so this would be a new experience for me.  Happy to say I pulled this one off! Yay for orthopedic footwear!

I was asked by those who marveled at their size, “Just how big are they?”  Turns out, for my EU friends, I am a 46, for my British friends I am an 11, and back home in Canada, I am a 12.

Now you know 🙂

The boots