Aberfeldy & Dewar’s World of Whisky

On our ongoing trip across Scotland last summer, we were on our way to Blair Castle, and detoured into Aberfeldy, as we were drawn by the distillery.

We had lunch in the cafe, but alas, did not have time for a full tour. So the Customer Care Specialist let us look around the museum, and offered us a dram or two of whisky. The Highland Hospitality was on full display for us.

Some pictures of our visit.

2014-07-23 14.05.39

2014-07-23 14.06.55

2014-07-23 14.06.12

The ubiquitous pagoda at the distillery.

2014-07-23 14.07.40

2014-07-23 14.15.42

I only had one glass of whisky, dear 🙂

2014-07-23 14.28.15

I am a hobbyist sampler, not affiliated with any distillery. This is offered only as a travelogue of my trip.