Kornog Whisky

I had the great privilege of touring Paris during the winter of 2016. While I was there, I was gifted a most amazing bottle of whisky from Bretagne, called Kornog. A dear friend, and former protégé from the region gave it to me, knowing I was on an exploration of whisky from Europe.

Until about a year or so ago, it was my belief that Scotland had set the Gold Standard for what a whisky should taste like, then one night in a whisky bar in Montreal, I got a small lesson in humility. I had ordered a sample flight of European whiskies, from Sweden, France and Switzerland. Each of them were amazing in their own right! I had slow walked myself to an epiphany that each whisky needs to be judged on it’s own merits!

So back to the Kornog, it is from a region that celebrates it’s continental Celtic heritage. It is lightly peated, with a beautiful straw colour. The taste is as good as any Scottish whisky I have sampled.

You can read more at their website.

I am only a hobbyist sampler, not affiliated with any distillery. My tastes are my own, your taste may vary.