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Blonde Ale

Codename : Mountain Portage Blonde Alethorpe Just like my last Blonde Ale, this simple recipe was chosen to fine tune my brewing style, as I have switched to using a propane stove outdoors.  Recipe inspiration : https://abthorpe.org/2022/04/blonde-ale/ Ingredients 1 Lb 10 oz Maris Otter Malted Barley 2 oz Munich II (9L) 1 oz Rye Malt… Read More »

Strong Bitter

Codename : Extra Sarah Bitterthorpe With previous successes in improving my technique, and hitting the gravity marks, I focused on the style guide to drill down on this classic British Strong Bitter. My guest brewer was my daughter, Sarah, ergo the name. Recipe inspiration : https://abthorpe.org/category/breowanthorpe/ Ingredients 1 Lb 10 oz Maris Otter Malted Barley… Read More »

British Strong Ale

Codename : Strong Apethorpe Ale With previous successes in improving my technique, and hitting the proper start gravity, I decided to try a British Strong Ale with a little more alcohol content. Recipe inspiration : https://abthorpe.org/category/breowanthorpe/ Ingredients 2 Lb 3 oz Maris Otter Malted Barley 1 oz Roasted Barley (300L) 1 oz Rye Malt 1… Read More »

Blonde Ale

Codename : Rise-Up Blonde Alethorpe In my ongoing attempts at learning, and improving my brewhouse efficiency, I kept this recipe simple. I am sticking with a simple blonde ale, while using up some of the stocks I had on hand from previous batches. The name is inspired by the recently released song by Pink Floyd,… Read More »

British Golden Ale

Codename : Golden Slumbers As I was scrolling through assorted styles, I discovered a British Golden Ale. In stark contrast to the darker beers I have brewed since I started, I decided to go much lighter. The title is once again inspired by the Beatles Song, “Golden Slumbers”. Recipe inspiration  https://abthorpe.org/2022/03/british-brown-ale/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcQjM7gV6mI Ingredients 2 lbs… Read More »

British Brown Ale

Codename : Old Brown Shoe The chosen caramel & chocolate malts have higher Lovibond rating (darker colour) than the original recipe as I tend to prefer the darker ales. Paying hommage to the Beatles with the title selection. Recipe inspiration https://www.beercraftr.com/1-gallon-brown-ale-recipe/ https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=iCV2N–rxBA Ingredients 2 lbs Maris Otter malt 2 oz Caramel malt 2 oz Rye… Read More »

Specialty IPA

Codename : The Hoppier the Bitter IPA Cranking this IPA up to 80+. Recipe inspiration : https://abthorpe.org/category/breowanthorpe/ 2.25 lbs Maris Otter Malt 1 oz Caramel Malt  1 oz chocolate malt 0.20 oz Chinook Hops at 60 minutes 0.20 oz Challenger hops at 30 minutes 0.10 oz East Kent Golding hops at 20 minutes ¼ whirlfloc… Read More »