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Spent Grain Chocolate Chip Cookies

Codename : Golden Slumbers Spent Grain Chocolate Chip Cookies. Once the beer has been steeped, what does one do with the spent grain? Make cookies! Recipe Inspiration : https://lazybearfoods.com/2019/06/cranberry-white-chocolate-chip-cookies-with-spent-grain/ Ingredients 2/3 C butter, softened 2/3 C brown sugar 2 large eggs 1/2 tsp vanilla 1 ½ C spent grain 1 ¾ C flour 1 tsp… Read More »

British Golden Ale

Codename : Golden Slumbers As I was scrolling through assorted styles, I discovered a British Golden Ale. In stark contrast to the darker beers I have brewed since I started, I decided to go much lighter. The title is once again inspired by the Beatles Song, “Golden Slumbers”. Recipe inspiration https://abthorpe.org/2022/03/british-brown-ale/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcQjM7gV6mI Ingredients 2 lbs… Read More »