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Scottish Export

Codename : Mountain Portage Scottish Alethorpe Completing my tour of the British Isles with a Scottish style ale. Recipe inspiration : https://abthorpe.org/category/breowanthorpe/ Ingredients 1 lb 10 oz Maris Otter malt 4 oz Amber malt (38L) 1 oz Caramel malt (120L) o.5 oz Chocolate malt (3ooL) 0.10 oz East Kent Golding hops at 60 minutes 0.10… Read More »

Irish Extra Stout

Codename : Mountain Portage Bog Hoppier Stouthorpe Returning to a stout, in this case, an Irish Extra Stout. Recipe inspiration : https://abthorpe.org/tag/stout/ Ingredients 1 lb 14 oz Maris Otter malt 3.5 oz Chocolate malt 2 oz Torrified wheat 0.5 oz Roasted Barley 0.30 oz East Kent Golding hops at 60 minutes 0.30 oz East Kent… Read More »

Best Bitter

Codename : Mountain Portage Best Bitterthorpe Continuing along with the tradition assorted English bitters, this is a low gravity, malty, easy drinking ale. I was running low on base malts, so this one is a bit of a helter-skelter of barley to make it happen. Recipe inspiration : https://abthorpe.org/category/breowanthorpe/ Ingredients 11 oz Maris Otter malt… Read More »

American Amber Ale

Codename : Mountain Portage Honey Amber Alethorpe For Fathers’s Day this year, I got Home Brew Beer by Greg Hughes from my family. I had most of the ingredients in stock, with some minor substitutions. So I adapted this one for the Mountain Portage series. Recipe inspiration : https://www.penguinrandomhouse.ca/books/359890/home-brew-beer-by-greg-hughes/9781465487377 Ingredients 1 lb 14 oz Maris… Read More »

Blonde Ale

Codename : Mountain Portage Blonde Alethorpe Just like my last Blonde Ale, this simple recipe was chosen to fine tune my brewing style, as I have switched to using a propane stove outdoors.  Recipe inspiration : https://abthorpe.org/2022/04/blonde-ale/ Ingredients 1 Lb 10 oz Maris Otter Malted Barley 2 oz Munich II (9L) 1 oz Rye Malt… Read More »