Chocolate Stout

Codename : Chocolate Stouthorpe Adjusted water requirements from the main recipe, substituted oatmeal for wheat. I also took some liberties with the hops and yeast selection. Recipe inspiration, Ingredients 1.75 lbs Maris Otter 3 oz Chocolate Malt 2 oz oatmeal 1.5 oz Munich dark malt 1.5 oz Roasted Barley 0.2 oz Golding Kent hops… Read More »

Wild Rice Ale – Version 1

Codename : Wild Rice Daniale This was my first attempt at scaling down a five gallon recipe to one gallon. There were some transcription errors, along with misreading some ingredients. I also took some liberties with the hops and yeast selection. There will be a do-over on this recipe. Recipe inspiration Ingredients 1.25… Read More »

Favourite Castles – Revised

About three years ago, I posted a list of my favourite castles, based on my experience touring the United Kingdom. THEN, I went to Paris, and after two years of mulling it over I found it necessary to finally update the list. 1) Edinburgh Castle. This is still number one! 2) Tower of London. Still… Read More »

Kornog Whisky

I had the great privilege of touring Paris during the winter of 2016. While I was there, I was gifted a most amazing bottle of whisky from Bretagne, called Kornog. A dear friend, and former protégé from the region gave it to me, knowing I was on an exploration of whisky from Europe. Until about… Read More »

My favourite castles

It has been over a year since I posted something narcissistic here, so I am long overdue! I have been fortunate to visit a bunch of castles in the last 3 years so here is my list, Edinburgh Castle. Castle Rock is almost as old as human habitation of the region. So no surprise, it is… Read More »

Macallan Distillery

I really meant to get more of my distillery tour up, but life got in the way! So, without further delay, my trip to The Macallan. After we left Duffown back in July, we made a bee-line to see The Macallan, as that is the whisky of choice of my friend Bill. We got there… Read More »

Glenfiddich Distillery

Back in July, I travelled to Scotland with my friend Bill, and got to participate in my ABCD tour of the UK. That is, another bloody castle, another bloody church, and another bloody distillery. We threw in some highland games and other tourist activities too! After we left Aberdeen, we made our way to Dufftown,… Read More »

Cops for Cancer 2014 campaign

It has been a couple years since I last participated, and after recent contact from the Cancer Society, I have signed up to get my head shaved again.  The 80s are over, and I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing special about my hair 🙂 If you are so moved, please consider… Read More »