Macallan Distillery

I really meant to get more of my distillery tour up, but life got in the way! So, without further delay, my trip to The Macallan.

After we left Duffown back in July, we made a bee-line to see The Macallan, as that is the whisky of choice of my friend Bill. We got there only to find out you have to book a tour online, in advance! So we did not get to walk about the facility, but Jodie demonstrated the finest in Highland Hospitality, offered us a dram, and gave us a story just the same! Customer care at it’s finest!

The view from the parking lot

2014-07-18 15.28.53

Don’t remember the age, nor price of the bottle, but it was old and expensive!

2014-07-18 15.47.30

A view of the visitor centre


2014-07-18 15.51.53

More about The Macallan Distillery at their website.

I am a hobbyist sampler, not affiliated with any distillery. This is offered only as a travelogue of my trip.